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What is Webdesign?

Webdesign is the design on the web. Homepages, online shops or e.g. browser games have their own design, which triggers stimuli in the viewer. A modern stylish design shows competence and usually convinces by itself. For the external appearance web design is essential nowadays

  • Is conception and design of the internet presence
  • Connects customer wishes with technical possibilities
  • Comprises structure and user guidance on websites
  • Decides about success or failure of internet presences

Why web design is so important

Web design as a creative and technical design of internet presences is of enormous importance for operators of websites. Here the success or failure of the own presence in the net is decided. The first glance, whether person, company, organisation, project or institution – the first glance usually goes to the website! This makes the site the showcase for the company, so to speak. Web design and usability always go hand in hand – because in the end the user always decides. Last but not least, a good web design should also make a positive contribution to corporate identity. A user-friendly website increases the length of time visitors stay on the site, and all the information to be conveyed to them must be transported to them in an optimal way. It is important to note that the website can be viewed without problems by all common browsers. Call-to-actions should be placed clearly and optimally on the page. The webmaster can derive whether the web design is really well received by the visitors from various key figures such as traffic and conversion rate. If these values should be conspicuously low, a change in the web design would have to be considered. The web designer creates online shops and other virtual portals and relies on good programming, attractive design and good SEO management.

Characteristics of a successful web design

Often good and bad web design are not so far apart. Customers decide within seconds whether they want to stay on the respective website or not. A positive, tasteful and serious appearance is a basic requirement here. The graphics do not necessarily have to look world champion-like to convince. In many cases, it is precisely the arrangement of the various control elements that can bind potential customers. If the website has a high information value and invites to stay, a lot has already been gained. It is also helpful if the website arouses curiosity for more or even arouses certain feelings in the viewer. The concept should always be target group oriented and the site should have a holistic look. Products or services must be presented coherently and credibly for the customer. Defective, outdated or confusing websites only harm your business. Furthermore, there is always the question: Which target groups are addressed and what are the customers own goals on the website? In addition to the most appealing aesthetics possible, the web designer should also provide clear navigation structures. Responsive web design is just as important – flexible web design for different end devices. Buttons, images and text should always be placed in the right place. All this should always be preceded by good planning. Then also the working web design will most likely become a converting web design. If the web designer manages to harmonize design elements, topic-relevant information, usability and current technologies, then he has done a good job

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